STEM Creations

  • 6.16 92

    "The Dragster", Hannah H., grade 4

    Pulling a "Danica Patrick", 4th grader Hannah H. built her very own Dragster with a need for speed!

  • 6.16 82

    SumoBot, William L. & Dwarak R.

    The mother of all SumoBots...this is one robot you don't want to go up against in a Sumo challenge!

  • DSC 3223

    "Segway", by Akheel, age 10

    See those police segways all over the malls? Take a tour of your city on one of these? Familiar with Dean Kamen - founder of FIRST and inventor of the Segway? 5th grader Akheel M. built his own balancing Segway programmed with a PID controller!

  • DSC 2818

    The Rattlesnake!, by Frankie O.

    Frankie's Rattlesnake uses a motor to shake its "tail" and then attacks when its ultrasonic sensor detects an enemy approaching. Watch out!

  • DSC 2781

    "Solar Saw", by Jeffrey S., Age 11

    Ever think you could power a saw with the sun? Will 7th grader Jeffrey S. built just that! His solar saw can cut up paper with vigor -- who knew solar energy was so powerful?