The Technical Alphabet

Give the gift of education with The Technical Alphabet!

Introducing children to technology in a fun, educational way! Reading begins with story time - so should technology literacy.

As we progress to a more technologically advanced society, it is vital to understand the world around us. Legendary astrophysicist Dr. Carl Sagan raises concern for this disconnect.

“We've arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” - Dr. Carl Sagan

Let's set up our new generation with the the tools they need to grow up with a better understanding of science and technology. The Technical Alphabet is a powerful tool to introduce young minds to the technology around them.



As of Monday, October 6th, 2014, we were fully funded on Kickstarter! Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Your support has meant the world to us and we can't wait to bring The Technical Alphabet to you.