Q. Are there any flexible drop-off/pick-up options?

A Flexible Drop-Off/Pick-Up: For your convenience, we offer a flexible drop-off time between 8:50 AM to 9 AM and flexible pick-up time between 3 PM to 3:10 PM. Drop-offs and pick-ups outside this window are possible within extended care time (see below).

Extended Care: Extended care hours are available from 7:30 AM to 9 AM and 3 PM to 5 PM. You can arrange for extended care for the AM hours, PM hours, or both. AM hours care for the week is $15. PM hours care for the week is $20. Please note that extended care hours for Early and Junior STEM camps are 8 AM to 9 AM only.

Q. What should my child bring to camp?

A Your child should bring a sack lunch and two additional snacks each day (including water/drink). We do not have refrigeration for lunches; they will be stored in an air-conditioned room, but not refrigerated. You can pre-purchase boxed lunches catered from Subway for $38 for the week.

Students should not bring iPods or MP3 players, Kindles, iPads, laptops, gaming systems, etc. They are welcome to use these items or their cell phones prior to the start of class. We cannot take any responsibility for any materials a child brings to camp. Please keep valuables at home!

Q. What if I have to pick up my child early one day?

A Please let instructors know what time you will need to pick up your child prior to the start of the camp day. We would love to make sure your child is able to leave at the best educational stopping point if they must leave early.

Q. Can I come take pictures? My kids are building cool robots!

A Typically, parents' presence at camp distracts campers from participating fully. We will be taking pictures of all campers through out the week. At the end of each day of camp, you are welcome to come in 10 minutes before the end of class. The fourth day of class will also have a showcase of their work. We will let you know exactly what times to come by as the camps approach.

Q. What if my child has to miss a day?

A While we're sorry to see your child miss a day of camp we are unable to offer discounts or refunds for missed days. Furthermore, we will be working with you child more individually to catch her/him up.

Q. What is the refund policy if I have to cancel my child's registration?

A A full refund will be made if you cancel your child's registration 30 days or more prior to the start of camp. 50 percent of the balance of the camp tuition is refundable for cancellations made prior to the 2 week marker.

Q. What is the instructor to student ratio?

A The instructor to student ratio varies for each category of classes. Early and Junior STEM classes have a maximum ratio of 8:1. Discover STEM classes have a maximum ratio of 12:1. Advanced STEM classes have a maximum ratio of 10:1. In addition to instructors, senior student assistants will also be available to assist.

Q. Will my child be working individually or in a group?

A Early STEM students work individually. Jr. STEM students work in teams of two. Discover STEM and Advanced STEM students work in teams of two to three. CAD students work individually.

Q. Does my child need to bring a computer to camp?

A No. We provide all materials required including computers. Some Advanced STEM students, class dependent, are welcome to bring their own laptops to install software and allow continuation of programming work at home. CAD & 3D Printing Discover STEM students are also encouraged to bring their own laptops.