Girls' Only Workshops

This Fall we'll be introducing a "GIRLS-ONLY" session. Our Robotics Creativity Center will be open to only the K-12 female students. All instructors for this day of the week will be women is well. 

We are on schedule to release these sessions in October 2016.

Girls ROCK! : STEM Center USA hosts "Girls' Week!" - A week long of robotics activities for K-12 girls to get excited about engineering and the STEM fields! We'll have a featured guest speaker at the end of the every day and make this a week your daughter will never forget.

Where are the women in engineering today?

Only 12% of engineers are U.S. women; 2% of engineers are women from underrepresented minorities.

-National Science Foundation, 2009

In 2008, 12% of bachelor's degrees in science and engineering, 3% of master's degrees in science and engineering, and <1% of doctorate degrees in science and engineering were awarded to minority women.

-NSF, 2011