Girl's Day

Join us every Tuesday for "Girl's Day!" On this day (additional to our set creativity hours), our space is open to only the K-12 female students. All instructors on Tuesday are amazing ladies as well!

Girl's Day is held weekly and all year long! We are so thrilled to be offering this special day to create a nurturing and empowering environment for our students. Girl's Day classes are held in the same format as all of our STEM Center USA Open Creativity Hours plus some extra special quarterly activities. Classes are open to K-12 students.

Current students just need to talk to Melissa or Lavanya to reserve you child a spot. New students are invited to an orientation and a tour prior to starting! Call us at 909-624-0624 to schedule an appointment today!

Where are the women in engineering today?

Only 12% of engineers are U.S. women; 2% of engineers are women from underrepresented minorities.

-National Science Foundation, 2009

In 2008, 12% of bachelor's degrees in science and engineering, 3% of master's degrees in science and engineering, and <1% of doctorate degrees in science and engineering were awarded to minority women.

-NSF, 2011