Course Outline

Our Robotics Creativity Center is open to K-12 students. Programs are individualized for each student. This allows students to work at their own pace using their own robot kits & technology.

Please call to schedule an orientation to tour. The orientation typically takes about 30 minutes, and is an opportunity for your family to see the center, learn more about our classes, and ask any questions! To best explain and place your child in our program, we'd love to meet you in person before we get started!! Call 909-624-0624 to schedule an orientation and tour today.

Program Outline


K – 2nd

Early STEM : K – 1st

45 minute sessions

Junior STEM : 1st – 2nd

45 minute sessions

3rd – 12th

Discover STEM : 3rd – 8th

90 minute sessions

7th – 12th

Advanced STEM : 7th – 12th

120 minute sessions

Getting Started

We have three main payment plans:

  • 6-session course
    • We recommend a 6-session course for all new families. Think of this as a trial period to see if you and your child are interested in the classes!
  • Monthly EFT
  • Annual Membership
    • Our most popular option! The annual membership is the most flexible plan with the best cost/session rate.

To learn more about your payment options and costs, please call and set up an orientation!