Pi-Bot Downloads

Version 2.0 Manual

Pi-Bot Version 2.0 User Manual - Use this guide to walk you through the Pi-Bot experience!


Educator's Resources

Educator's Guide - A written guide to assist teachers

Suggested Course Outline - Outline with timing estimates for classes (coming soon!)

Slides for Educator's - An editable PowerPoint guide to assist in classrooms (coming soon!)


Sample Codes available for download (common for all Pi-Bot Versions)

Sample Programs (Introduction to C Programming)

LED Programs (Basic Hardware Programming)

Motor Test

Motor Test using Function Calls

Ultrasonic Sensor Test

Ultrasonic Sensor Test with LEDs

Obstacle Avoidance Test

Obstacle Avoidance with LEDs

Line Following Sensor Test

Line Following Program

Advanced Line Following


Version 1.5 User Manual (Released September 2014)

The User Manual for Version 1.5 users (who purchased kits during and prior to August 2015 are listed below by chapters.  Sample codes (common for all Versions of the Pi-Bot) are available for individual download above. In addition, we have a publicly available folder (this folder) which contains all chapters and codes that you can download.

Version 1.5 Chapters available for download here


Graphical Programming MiniBloq

Download miniBloq for Pi-Bot Installer

Download Programming Pi-Bot with MiniBloq User Guide


Video Tutorials

We are also creating video tutorials for each segment in the meantime. Please do refer to the video tutorials to guide you through the Pi-Bot experience! These Video Tutorials are currently for the Version 1.5. Some changes are applicable for Version 2.0.