Q. Is the annual membership really worth it?

A The annual membership is currently offered at $1295. There is no limit to the number of eligible courses a student may take subsequently during the 1 year time period. Because course fees depend upon level and materials necessary, the minimum savings with an annual membership is $600! As our instructors like to say, gym memberships keep your body fit - STEM memberships keep your mind active, enriches creativity, and engages students in an education like none other. Truly, it's worth it.

Q. My child already took a robotics class in school.

A If the robotics program was through our center, just let us know which program it was and we'll place your child appropriately. If the class was through a different program, the JR 201 course is where most of our new students begin for a comfortable, exciting, and involved starting point as our program is structured in a very unique way. Please email [email protected] with a detailed syllabus or summary of any previous robotics experience for further questions and proper assessment.

Q. How do I sign up?

A You may register and pay for courses on our website. On the main menu bar, scroll over "Programs" then "Courses" and then choose the appropriate level of education. Registration can also be done on-site. Please call us at 909-624-0624 - see you soon!

Q. What is the minimum age for my child to participate?

A The Junior STEM center program is available for children as young as 5 years old! It's never to early to be an engineer -- in fact, the earlier your child starts, the better!

Q. My child wants to compete. What's available?

A STEM Center USA offers annual team robotics competitions through FIRST Lego League (FLL) as well as Green City Challenge. Also, some courses have final competitive challenges to foster competitive spirit while maintaining team professionalism.

Q. So many course options! Where does my child start?

A Starting level is dependent upon age/grade level. However, in the robotics series, most students (age 9+) begin with JR 201 - Introductory Robotics or a camp equivalent. Older students may still start here and will simply progress at a faster rate (12 week course in 6 weeks). Contact us for more information and we will help you to place your child at the appropriate level in which they are comfortable and excited but also challenged and pushed to go explore beyond their limits.

Q. What does "JR" stand for?

A JR stands for Jawa Robotics. STEM Center USA was founded by the Jawaharlal Family. After years of supporting each other as students of STEM, then teachers and mentors of STEM programs, the Jawa sisters decided to share their excitement and enthusiasm with students. Their goal is to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders across the world with the exciting educational experiences uniquely created at our STEM centers.

Q. I want my child to do robotics at your center but your center is too far. What other locations are available?

A The Pomona site is the first official location for STEM Center USA serving local communities in Southern California. New STEM Center USA locations are underway. After-school programs are also offered and we can send our instructors to schools outside the Pomona area. If you are interested in bringing robotics to your school, please email [email protected] and/or call 909-624-0624.